The Ly Family Practice

Dr. Frank Ly, along with his family members Orlando and Jade, bring rare experience to the field of acupuncture. The Lys are the 4th generation of their family to practice the ancient art and consequently bring a deep and abiding cultural wisdom with their skills.


The Ly’s were certified and trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, which requires more extensive training than they encountered while receiving their license in the US. They treat many physical ailments and conditions including, respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions such as depression, headaches, neuropathic pain, gastrointestinal issues, fertility issues, arthritis, spinal issues and pain management.

With acupuncture clinics in Huntsville Alabama, Nashville, Jackson and Memphis Tennessee, the Ly family has served the Tennessee and Alabama area for over twenty years.

Frank Ly oversees the clinics in Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. Orlando Ly oversees the clinics in Memphis and Jackson, TN.

The Ly Family History

Coming from a long line of practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orlando Chien Yuan Ly and Frank Yuan Liang Ly, are the fourth generation in their family to practice this ancient art of healing. The Ly family practice originated in mainland China where their great grandfather embarked on the family’s first practice in the late 1800’s. He devoted his life to healing with compassion, a trait still honored by his family today. He passed his knowledge along to his children, an act that would live on for generations to come.

   Today, Orlando Ly and Frank Ly are honored to continue this longstanding family tradition. They began learning Chinese medicine as young children from their grandfather and father. Their academic careers include extensive curriculum from medical schools in China and Taiwan.

Orlando Ly

Orlando Ly

Orlando Ly oversees the clinics in Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee where he has treated thousands of patients for 19 years. Known for his tremendous healing abilities and his compassion for each of his patients, Orlando is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of Chinese medicine with others. He has taught seminars to medical students as part of the Integrative Medicine Program at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and has served as guest speaker to various groups of medical professionals throughout his career. Orlando has been interviewed for numerous media reports, including the national PBS program, Healthweek, which featured the Ly’s work with cancer patients. Orlando has treated sports injuries for NBA stars around the country.

Frank Ly

Frank Ly

Frank Ly oversees the clinics in Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama, and plays a vital role in treating patients in the Memphis clinic. Treating thousands of patients during his 20 year career, Frank has a reputation as a compassionate and gifted healer. Like his grandfather, Frank enjoys teaching others about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has spoken to various health care professionals throughout his career. With a genuine concern for the wellbeing of others, Frank has volunteered his services for patients at the Free Medical Clinic for underprivileged families in Huntsville, Alabama. Frank has been featured in numerous media reports, including the national PBS program, Health Week.

Su-Huai Ly

Su-Huai Ly

Su-Huai Ly was a master of Chinese medicine practicing for more than 50 years. Dedicating the last years of his life to research, he was a leading pioneer of his time. He authored numerous books on Chinese Medicine which were used in schools around the world. Mentoring many students of Chinese medicine in the U.S., he played a vital role in moving his family to the United States where the fourth generation of the family now practices.

Ming-Han Ly

Ming-Han Ly

The late Ming-Han Ly practiced in Taiwan for more than 45 years. A stroke specialist, he passed along invaluable knowledge to Frank and Orlando as part of their practice today. Known around the globe for his healing abilities, he was invited to serve as the personal physician for the president of Panama in the early 1980’s.

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